Live online Dutar classes by

Oghlan Bakhshi

• At three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

• Classes are one-to-one.

• No Age Restrictions

Interested candidates are requested to fill out the following form and share an audio or a video file of their performance for diagnostic purposes in case they are familiar with dutar at any level. We will call you or send an email accordingly.

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-Registered students are required to attend all the lessons.

-Punctuality matters a lot for us. Then please be ON TIME for the class.

-Make sure that you have proper internet connection and check your computer’s/ cell-phone’s power before the class starts.

-After the schedule is fixed, no changes in days and hours can be made and no cancellation and refund will be accepted for the agreed duration.

However, make-up lessons will be arranged in case the classes are cancelled or postponed by the instructor.

Thank you for your interest in advance.